Carl Jung Alcohol-Free Gluh’wein

With about 35 calories per glass (100ml) Carl Jung Glühchen contains much less calories than a normal wine and with less than 0.5% volume of alcohol it is optimal for all who would like to enjoy a glass of wine but have to or want to do without alcohol. Spicy, strong, harmonious, with notes of cinnamon, clove and orange.

R 186,50 incl. VAT


100% Chardonnay


La Mancha, Spain








750 mL

Wine specs

Tasting notes

Its delicate aromas of citrus and green apple make this alcohol-free white wine a delicious combination for fish dishes.

Ideal drinking temperature: 6-8°C. With only 20,1 Kcal per glass (100ml) you can also drink a second or third glass with dinner.

Country of origin: Spain

Wine specs

Food pairing notes

One of our favorite blocks from the Villenoir vineyard. This block tends to lift the aromatic character and soften the palate of our Cabernet Sauvignon. We are proud to offer this very limited and barrel selected wine as a stand alone block.

Wine specs

Winemaker notes

The wines can adapt well to different climates, which is why each wine country also always produces some variety of Chardonnay.

Our non-alcoholic CARL JUNG Chardonnay from La Mancha presents itself with fruity, finely tart notes, discrete sweetness and pleasantly long finish.