Carl Jung Alcohol-Free Mousseux Peach

The moment you sense the fruity fragrance of peach, you know that summer is finally on its way. Our Carl Jung Peach embodies exactly this joy during the warm season.

R 148,20 incl. VAT


30.3 Kcal per glass (100ml)




< 0,5 Vol.%


750 mL



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Wine specs

Tasting notes

A peach-flavoured de-alcoholised sparkling wine, to enjoy on its own – perfect for the festive season. Excellent flavour with long lasting fine bubbles, very refreshing.

We only use natural peach aromas, which turn our Mousseux into a real summer love. Racy and tangy, with fine residual sweetness and long, fine pearls, it has full flavour.

Wine specs

Food pairing notes

A fresh slice of vineyard peach gives this drink an extra fruity buzz. With only 30.3 Kcal per glass (100ml), it’s got nothing on our summer bodies. Whether as a fruity aperitif, with snacks or desserts, or in a refreshing peach punch, we love our Peach! Enjoy on ice or at 6°C.

Wine specs

Winemaker notes

More than 100 years ago, Dr. Carl Jung developed a patented process for de-alcoholisation in the wine cellar of his family business.

Still it continues today, with the most modern production facilities and new technologies for non-alcoholic sparkling wine and wines.

With every bottle, Carl Jung Wines transport their expertise and the experience of more than a century – and inspire customers in now over 30 countries.