Carl Jung Alcohol-Free Shiraz

Whether you call it Syrah in French or Shiraz in the southern hemisphere – this Rhône grape is always a powerhouse. Its wines can be compared in terms of intensity with a Cabernet Sauvignon – the berries are similarly small and thick skinned.

R 143,50 incl. VAT


19.4 Kcal per glass (100ml)




< 0,5 Vol.%


750 mL



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Wine specs

Tasting notes

This wine is an excellent table wine and can be enjoyed with meat or combined with pasta dishes. With about 19.4 Kcal per glass (100ml) Carl Jung Shiraz contains much fewer calories than a normal red wine and with less than 0,5 % volume alcohol it is optimal for all who would like to enjoy a glass of wine, but do not want to drink alcohol.

Country of origin: Spain

Wine specs

Food pairing notes

Also the Syrah needs a lot of sunshine to ripen, but has more juicy fruit and is that much better to produce pure wines. Whoever appreciates a good Shiraz will appreciate this alcohol-free alternative. Rejoice! The Carl Jung Shiraz shows itself in the glass with a strong, red colour and a palate with a hint of chocolate and pleasant tannin structure. Simply typical Shiraz.

Wine specs

Winemaker notes

The wines can adapt well to different climates, which is why each wine country also always produces some variety of Chardonnay.

Our non-alcoholic CARL JUNG Chardonnay from La Mancha presents itself with fruity, finely tart notes, discrete sweetness and pleasantly long finish.