A sober lifestyle is one of heightened energy, clarity, aliveness. It’s writing a new narrative for the enjoyment of life. It’s socialising & entertainment that leaves you refreshed, inspired, pulsing with possibility. Sober Cobra is more than a business, it's an experience... Rob Harrewyn

Sober Cobra keeps it real

A search for authentic living.

Traditionally where people go to socialise, alcohol is a lubricant. Sober Cobra creates a space that is fuelled by steaming hot music, human energy and a love of life. A luxury of spirit. A safe and soothing environment for all the senses.

Sober Cobra offers groundbreaking events, featuring curated music of the highest order, excellent food that is local, ethical and soulful, and a wide variety of world-class alcohol-free beverages, in an environment that compels you to get down and have a good party.

Here we encourage you to get drunk on spirit and high on life…and feel amazing the next morning!

Message from Dr. Carl Jung

The path of a great idea.

More than 100 years ago, Dr. Carl Jung developed a patented process for de-alcoholisation in the wine cellar of his family business.

Still it continues today, with the most modern production facilities and new technologies for alcohol-free sparkling wine and wines.

With every bottle, Carl Jung Wines transport their expertise and the experience of more than a century – and inspire customers in now over 30 countries.

Our Recommendation

Carl Jung | The Herby

But alcohol-free wine and herbs, is that possible? We think it works remarkably well. Here we present our newest favourite product, the CARL JUNG “The Herby”.

Upcoming Event

Fermented Food Festival 2024

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